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Hello Homie,

I know you have been playing zombie castaways until you forget to eat, because its really fun game to killing time. Yes, i knew that zombie castaways by Vigor Apps Corp. Its really addictive and much fun. They give us dozens of experience to play such a fun farming role-playing game. With the storyline the zombie is casted away and he fallin in love with a human woman who very atractive so he build a farm, settlement, establihment and call it zombium find a treasure to live like a human and thinks become one of us.

This world of zombies is fun, bright, vast and really full of funny and lol character and animals to. Explore the island to find a treasure and tickets to complete zombie secret puzzles. Grow a plants who is barely unusual, flowers, and fruits to cook at the zombium. Construct a huge buildings, decorate your island, and complete daily task in attend to became a human and to find zombie’s true love is. On this game you would find any various zombie workers who work for you to help you clear the island and build a town.

There is such as woodcutter, fisherman, stoneminers, treasure hunters and cooks. Wich is there have their own job deskription to be done. And if there are complete you can harvest all of the pants and make a unique potions. Then you can explore to other islands, become human and finish your main goal.

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Indeed to reach all of that and be best in the game you should have the best in every aspect, like a massive farm, good craftman building, great cooks and many other. And complete all of that you should save your zombucks. You can get zombucks by completing daily task, treasure or you can buy it at the developer page. As we know collecting all of that zombucks would be very hard, so finally we introduce you a ZOMBIE CASTAWAYS ZOMBUCKS HACK GENERATOR.

With our generator you will get a tons of zombucks, and easily build your zombium empire and find your true love.


  • Tons of zombuck
  • Unlimited chance to get all supporting tools
  • Unlimited chance complete treasure’s zombie secret
  • And many more…
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