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Phoenix Sim 3D by Turbo Rocket Games, simulate the life of phoenix in sim-game like. You start from the life of legendary phoenix from little bird to mature form. The in-game tutorial will guide you for the first time. Your breeding journey start in the middle of fantasy forest where you can roam around to feed your phoenix, if you feel strong enough you can try to engage in battle by searching for enemies to gain money and experience point.

Collect more money to buy new phoenix and roam around the world of Phoenix Sim 3D to meet other phoenix. Build your phoenix groups and start the never ending life of the legendary phoenix in Phoenix Sim 3D.

You can customize the looks of your phoenix by carefully pick the size of every parts of the phoenix body with your fingers. You can also name it and select the gender of your phoenix. Phoenix Sim 3D also offers you different set of quest to make your game a little bit challenging. Get extra money and coins to buy and raise your phoenix.

Money is regular currency and you can get them simply by defeating monsters. Coins is more premium features. It will unlock various things and extra feature to delivers more contents to the games. Whole new area, epic phoenix, unique customization and more.

Player need to trade in their money to get coins quickly and a lot of it. Quest and occasional free coins event will not give you so much coins. So, your only choice would be in-app purchase. Would you spend your real money for extra coins? No, hold your horse a moment. We have Phoenix Sim 3D coins hack generator that will give you any amount of coins. With our Phoenix Sim 3D coins generator you don’t have to spend your real money for extra coins. Got get yourself explore and breed in the world of Phoenix Sim 3D to conquer all the quest and monster.

With our Phoenix Sim 3D coins hack generator you will get:

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlock epic phoenix
  • Safe online operation
  • No need to root or JB
  • Android and iOS ready
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