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EPIC HEROES WAR is a real-time strategy, online side-scroller defense combines role-playing game released by DIVMOB.build up your own powerful army and slaughter enemy hordes in quests and battles with other players. the game itself features unique heroes resemble ancient Gods like Thor, Hercules and Odin with their own mighty skills.

Collect up to 250 different skills to help your heroes in their battle you can play in different modes such as 60 campaign levels, Online PvP, Domination Mode, and Challenge Mode. play in In-game events to get special rewards, the rewards can be useful to clear missions or to bear ferocious Bosses.

To enjoy the full game experience you can collect Gems to get the awesome and powerful items and 20+ heroes with unque skills. To get the Gems you have to play throughout the game or purchase them with real money, by playing through the game means you have to play for days to get generous amount of Gems. We know most player don’t want to play the game all day and waste their precious time just to get few Gems. That’s why we in the team happily informs you that EPIC HEROES WAR has been cracked!

Now, you can get your favorite items and heroes and ready explore the fantasy world of EPIC HEROES WAR by using EPIC HEROES WAR GEMS HACK GENERATOR. All you need to do is only click the link below, fill it in with your ID and how many Gems you want. The fun part is you can repeat it again and again.


  • Tons of Gems you always wanted
  • Rare and new heroes to be unlocked
  • Secret items to be discovered
  • Cheats and tips to defeat the strongest Boss in the game
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