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War Dragons from Pocket Games, now available on android. This games was a big hit since its initial release on iOS devices. It combine breathtaking 3d visual design with online capabilities for players who love to compete against other players. War Dragons is where you will have to defence your beautiful renaissance look-alike kingdom with dragons as your control units.

You read it right, you can control your dragons, up to three dragons, to either attack other player territory or defending yours. Even while you are offline, the game will give notification if your kingdom is under attack and you can jump right into the game to fight back with your dragons. By joining guild, your friend can help you both attacking and defending for up to three player. That mean, nine dragons are ready to wipe out the enemies!

To get dragon you have to buy it with dragon token to get dragon egg and breed it. To help dragon defend your kingdom, you can build tower and artillery like any other tower defence games. There are many building in War Dragons. Spells such as lightning bolts is available too. Food, lumber and wood are the main resource to develop your game and maintain your territory. Premium currency is rubies. By using rubies you can speed up your building process.  Get extra resources and get special epic dragons quickly.

Unfortunately, rubies cost you real money and they can be quite hard to get if you claim it via in-game mission or achievements. Don’t you worry no more. By using our special War Dragons rubies hack generator you can get as many rubies as you want. Speed up your process and unlock many things to become powerful player in War Dragons. With our War Dragons rubies hack generator, you never run out of rubies to buy all epic stuff and wait for getting resources and build something.

Our War Dragons rubies hack generator gives you:

  • Unlimited rubies
  • Unlimited food
  • Unlimited lumber
  • Unlimited dragon token
  • Safe to use
  • Compatible with all device
  • Easy operation
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