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War and Order by camel games is another city builder games with different approach. You start with your own kingdom territory protected for couple of day by automatic shield given by the games mechanics. With that shield protecting you from enemy attack, you can start to develop your kingdom and get ready for online strategic battle. Build your mercenaries barrack, defensive tower, hire knights and other kinds of troops. Just don’t forget to upgrade them if you have enough resources in your hand.

After several day, your shield will comes off and your kingdom castle is vulnerable to attack. Just get ready for it as you’re the raid might not be easy and you can lose sometimes if you are not well prepared. There are also world map. Your beloved kingdom is always in the centre of the map and as your level goes up, you can see other kingdom and join guild to make help from other.

To build big kingdom and strong fortress you need to spend your resources. There are food and wood. Those two are important and gradually farmed as you play. You can also find them on the world map by selecting some resources sites.

The further the sites, the longer it takes to collect the resources and that mean you leave your castle unguarded. So be very careful. As any other games, War and Order also offering you gems as their premium currency. With gems you basically can speed up anything from building process to training troops. Gems can also be use to get more food and wood via in-app purchase. Very useful but rare as any other premium currency. The easiest way to get gems is buy it with real money.

Many player I believe, just can’t afford to buy gems, either because they don’t have cards or they just simply don’t want to. Certain ways are offered by to make in-game purchase easier by some operator but, don’t use your real money. We have this War and Order gems hack generator created especially for player that need gems. Our War and Order gems hack generator are easy to use and you can use it everytime. So, unlimited gems are resources is in your possession.

War and Order gems hack generator by our team feature:

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited resources
  • Easy user interfaces
  • No virus and malware
  • No modded APK or IPA
  • Guard protection
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