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Toram Online by Asobimo inc. brings back an old feeling of playing ragnarok online (RO). Mobile games become somewhat increase in terms of graphic quality. Many developer try to make different approach when making visual graphic in games. Toram Online is pure 3D MMORPG with beautiful character design, even the NPC, the building, forest, cave, even your enemies and monster. There are no specific job class in Toram Online.

The system give you an option to choose your own skill based on the skill tree provided in the games as you level up. The weapon is what determine your job because each weapon will give you different status, there are, staff, sword, archer, and knuckle. The main story itself is interesting to play. After some quite time playing Toram Online, you might wants to join guild with other. The only drawbacks is everytime you visit new place, you have to download its data first which result in longer loading time

Just like RO, in Toram Online, you can also customize your character with whooping 50 billion fashion style. That’s because aside from having different clothes, shirts, shoes and weapon, you can give your character accessories like wing, headband, and many more. With that many customization you need spina. Spina is the normal currency in Toram Online. You can buy almost in-game related and battle related item with spina. If you want more powerful and maybe rare fancy accessories for your character, you can buy it with orb. Orb is the premium currency. You can get orb by doing mission or completing in-game task. If you want to get more, the in-game purchase is also available.

Many player seek a hack tool to get more orb or double the EXP point. Our Toram Online orb hack generator can simply do that with safe process. You’re not just limited with unlimited orbs, but also we offer many features that will help you become the strongest player in Toram Online. Use our Toram Online orb hack generator and conquer the journey on the world of Toram Online.

Our Toram Online orb hack generator features:

  • Unlimited orbs
  • Unlimited spins
  • Unlimited health point
  • Double EXP point
  • Safe proxy with guard banned protection
  • iOS and Android compatible
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