Sailor Moon Drops Free Gems Hack (No Jailbreak or Root)


Missing your childhood with cute Sailor Moon Characters? Don’t worry, Bandai Namco present Sailor Moon Drops that summon the legendary Sailor Moon on your smartphone! The game is similar to candy crush, but you will meet the legendary sailor moon as your character to solve the puzzle and meet the most handsome masked Tuxedo!The rules are simple! Just line up three of the same pieces to clear them. Your characters will level up as you clear stages!

You’ll also unlock cute new poses and powerful special moves. During the game, you can gather many rewards for completing the puzzles and unlock cute Sailor Moon Signature items and wallpapers! You can compete and brag your friends too. Prove who is the best to complete the most cute puzzle game in your mobile phone!

Gems Hack Generator Is Live and Updated!

Sailor Moon Drops” is free to play and can be completed without making any purchases, but it is possible to buy “moves”, “boosters” and other items through in-app purchases. Collect these stuff to make yourself become the premium user of Sailor Moon Drops Game like Sailor Moon’s tiara or transformation brooch down to the bottom of the screen. Moon Prism Power!.

The currencies to buy in game stuffs is Gems. Since the Gems generated with real money of yours, becoming premium Sailor Moon Drops User will not be easy. These Gems required for buying a move if you\re running  out of Moves. That means, you will need those Gems to make more move!

Don’t worry! If you need to do unlimited move, we can give you that with this SAILOR MOON DROPS GEMS GENERATOR! Introducing our latest generator project that 100% working and safe from viruses and advertising! Tested and worked over a thousand of our users. With this generator, grab what you need the most such as:

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlock Special abilities
  • Unlock Secret themes
  • Special Boosters bonus!
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