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Pocket Three Kingdom by Xiao Junyun is MORPG set in ancient Chinese era. Your goal is of course to become the most powerful player in the world of Pocket Three Kingdom. But there is also story related quest if you don’t want to engage in online battle and just want to farm. There a hundreds of summon and heroes in Pocket Three Kingdom for you to collect.

Basically Pocket Three Kingdom is similar with TCG or CCG where you collect powerful heroes to aid you in battle and maybe some guardian that has special ability related to your heroes. The graphic might not suitable for older player. It gives Japanese style design with big head and anime character. If you’re a fan of this kind of game and love lubu, guan yu, zhianfeng and three kingdom stories, you might want to download this game.

How To Be The Strongest In Pocket Three Kingdoms?

There are two currencies in Pocket Three Kingdom, gold and coin. With gold you can buy and upgrade your hero. You can also buy equipment in the shop like sword, armor, and helmet to increase your heroes parameter. You can get extra gold by doing quest and mission. There is also special event to get rewards. Coin is the premium currency in Pocket Three Kingdom.

On the start of the game you might not need to use coins. But later you will need coin as much as you need gold. Higher level heroes and equipment are also special feature in shop trough spend your coins. If you run out coin quickly you can buy some with your real money.

Why spend your real money on in-game purchased? Use our Pocket Three Kingdom coins hack generator instead. Our team has specialized in creating hack generator to create this Pocket Three Kingdom coins hack generator. Simply, put your desired amount of coins and sit back and relax as your coins goes up the way you want it. Now you can buy that special bundle to get higher level heroes and equipment.

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