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MapleStory, the world-wide known side-scrolling PC game has now a mobile global version that lets you enjoy anywhere, anytime speedy action combat in 1,500 different quests inside the amazing, colorful and exciting MapleStory world.

The now POCKET MAPLESTORY features Battle Parties where you can join forces with your friends to battle and defeat the most ferocious monsters and beast in real-time dungeons. Stand out from the crowd and show off your own unique styles in Characters Customization, also forge and create the best items with rare recipes available, combine and strengthen your items unlimitedly! Master all the abilities to become an unbeatable warrior and level-up until you become the undisputed best player in the MAPLESTORY world!

Get as much Candy as you want to enjoy the game to the fullest by playing throughout the game and clear quests and missions or you can purchase it with real money of course it’s not cheap to get tons of Candy.

Candy is used as the game currencies, you can buy item or customize your own character with cool stuffs available in the shop. We know that you won’t wasting your time by play the game all day just to get few Rubies, and why you spend your money if you can get Candy for free? That’s why we are happy to inform you that we in the team succeeded to crack the game!

now you can get tons of Candy you always wanted by using POCKET MAPLESTORY CANDY HACK GENERATOR all you have to do is following these simple steps: click the link below, fill it in with your ID and how many Candy you want, of course you can repeat it again and again.


  • Tons of Candy you always wanted
  • Cool gears and accessories for your characters
  • Rare items to get and the guide on how to combine most powerful items ever
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