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Command troops of Sweeperz on armed tanks, battle and blast away endless monster waves in an epic RPG games ever MONSTER SWEEPERZ by 4:33. Customize your crew from over 400 adorable anime-like characters of different classes, skills, and elements. You can also upgrade, evolve, and reinforce your crew and tanks to become the ultimate force.

Take over the battlefield with you friends and help each other to conquer over 100 amazing stages in various single and mission modes. Advance tanks and set your strategy, this game is easy but fun to play.

The game itself use Ruby as its currencies, by using Ruby you can buy characters, evolve it into better characters, or to get useful and powerful items to help you beat the countless waves of monsters. To get Rubyyou can clear the mission or you can buy it with real money to get more Rubies just like other free games. Without purchase Ruby by real money you’ll get few amount of Ruby and as long as you play you will get bored!

Luckily we have good news to you! MONSTER SWEEPERZ has been cracked by the team! Now you are no longer waste your time to play the game all day just to get small amount of Ruby, by using the MONSTER SWEEPERZ RUBY HACK GENERATOR you can now purchase tons of Ruby for free! Buy your favorite characters, or buy your awesome items and clear the missions!

All you need to do is only click the link below, fill it with your ID, and how many Ruby you want of course you can repeat the process over and over again!


  • Tons of Ruby you always wanted
  • Secret and rare characters to play
  • Hidden items to be unlocked
  • Cheats and shortcuts to clear the missions
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