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If you’re the one who loved to play a RPG basic game, and really mad of it! Perhaps you will love this game too, Mage and Minions  released by Making Fun Inc. This one maybe looked like Diablo trilogy which is very legendary game ever made. Many said that Mage and Minions adapt the interface of Diablo when many other denied it. But, I believe that this one is really worth to tried. You will face an arch enemy who wanted to destroy the multi universe that you lived into it too. As a warrior you should beat Ragadam’s skeleton horde, and also lots of monsters to break their evil plan.

You will get a unforgettable experience as you can build your own character, as many of free role RPG game you have many choices of weapons and armors to make you real stronger and unbeaten. Get some mighty swords and armors, bows of any spell you couldn’t imagine before. Be the mighty one and beat Ragadam. And also, as I said before that many believed that Mage and Minions is similar to Diablo’s interface you will face Ragadam with a team that every each of them can also build freely. You gonna love it!

As many other RPG game that needed gold currencies, to bought weapons or armors, or spell or many other stuffs, Mage and Minions did it too. And to collect much of gold or gems to buy some stuffs, you also need a lot of time a day to beat enemies or completed some missions. And it’s suck! Isn’t it? As we don’t have a full day long to play a single game only!

But! Wait! Don’t you worry about loosing some time, wasted them just to sit and play the game while you can do anything you wanted to. No! Don’t wasted your time on that! As our team finally cracked this game to make you can play without thought about tons of gems, or golds or many other mighty stuffs.

Yes! We did it! We gladly to give you a free MAGE AND MINIONS GEMS HACK GENERATOR that can make you play this game as a real kick ass! Beat any enemies, or bought any weapons and armors!

All you need to get this MAGE AND MINIONS HACK GENERATOR is only click the link below, fill it with your ID, and how many gems you need. You can do this many times, and repeat it again and again!


  • Tons of gems you can generated
  • Sacks of gold you always wanted
  • Mighty Weapons you wanted to wield
  • Tough Armors you wanted to used
  • And many other shortcuts and cheats across the game itself.
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