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If you love game like Clash of Clans then we guarantee you will love Kingdoms At War by A Thinking Ape, Inc. The number one fantasyplayer vs player strategic MMORPG yet easy to play. You will lead the mightiest army in the kingdom and wage war against the other kingdoms, destroy their kingdoms, scout, assassinate, and steal from enemy kingdoms, claim new lands, defeat ancient monsters, and get rare items.

In Kingdoms At War you will join forces to form powerful clan choose your banner: Monarch, Conqueror or Defender and fight with your allies in a free regular updates of PvP live events. If your clan not strong enough you can open ally market where you can hire anyone, anywhere to aid in your quest. You can also visit The Mage to enchant your weapons and increase the power.


To win against other enemy clans you will need the Nobility Points, the Nobility Points will grant the player various kind of weapons, army, and to build the kingdom with catapults, watchtower and even dragons. Of course as any other free games, to get many of Nobility Points the player needs to spend a lot of time to play, and we in the team know that most of gamer hate to waste their time to get their favorite items as we are gamer ourselves.

We gladly informs you that Kingdoms At War has been cracked! Yes! We will help you to build your ultimate kickass clan with the ultimate weaponry, ultra rare items, and tons of Nobility Points using Kingdoms At War Nobility Points Hack Generator. All you have to do is click the link below and fill your ID and how much you want of Nobility Points. Easy steps to win the game and be number one player.

Kingdoms At War HACK GENERATOR contains of

  • Tons of Nobility Points
  • Rare powerful weapons
  • Mega rare items
  • Strongest army of dragons and ancient monsters player can command
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