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Thumb Empire is a game that offers great strategy to train your brain, it is more or less likely as a puzzly game. This one game is brought to you by the 4399en Game! Clans and wars, two keywords to describe the game exactly, with a little here and there to spice up the game, it definitely offers greatness into the game world.

There are over twenty anime outlook in your Empire alone, which are going to go on wars with other clans and try to win in every single one! One thing to keep up is the good team work, from that on you can also gain new strategies, buddy! If you are eager enough to destroy, crush and make them one as the ground, welcome to the club of Thumb Empire!

In Thumb Empire, Gems is used as the currency. It has a Gems Factory which provides free Gems, but guess what? Not until you’ve reached level 5. Well, there’s hope, instead of wasting your time to crawl to the level 5 and or buy Gems with real money and go broke, we have something in store for you. Be prepared!

The deal is, and always will be, free! All you have to do is just fight for your kingdom and be the best king there ever was! Because when you succeed, we see you and your rush of coming back into what we offer. And we offer you the greatest THUMB EMPIRE GEMS HACK GENERATOR! There’s no need to crawl up to level three, four, five and so on. You can relax and just click on the link down below and yet still manage to destroy all clans!


  • VIP defenses
  • Unlock unlimited gems
  • Automatic building builder
  • Unlock levels
  • Unlock virtual friendship
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