Free Samurai Love Ballad Pearls Hack Generator (PREMIUM!)


Samurai Love Ballad Pearls Hack Generator

Discover the historical Japanese romance game with Samurai Love Ballad by Voltage, Inc. that will make your heart “doki-doki”! The story goes as you try to save your brother’s live by working at a castle in Japanese war-torn Sengoku Era  you will meet many famous handsome samurai such as the cold hearted Oda Nobunaga, loyal and kind Akechi Mitsuhide, the strong and brave Sanada Yukimura,  the capricious Kirigakure Saizo, and other famous name like Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Ieyasu Tokugawa, and The One-Eyed Dragon Date Masamune.

The game offers you classic Japanese virtual love simulation, the player can create their own story by making choices, create dress for your own heroine, the game also offers to create your own castle to live in. Samurai Love Ballad is perfect for movie lovers, anime and manga lovers, history and fashion maniacs.


In this game the Pearls is used to clear the story missions, buy beautiful kimono and other Japanese classic fashion, also to decorate your own castle. since there is no logging in rewards and without the Pearls is relatively difficult to clear story missions, we know that you want to enjoy the romantic storyline and clear the story missions as fun as possible.

So we gladly informs you that Samurai Love Ballad has been cracked! Yes, now you can enjoy the romantic Japanese stories with ease and fun, you can use the Samurai Love Ballad Pearls Hack Generator. All you have to do is to click the link below, fill in with your ID and how much Pearls you want, we will make sure you will experience the romantic virtual simulation game as fun as possible

Samurai Love Ballad HACK GENERATOR features

  • Tons of Pearls
  • New and beautiful kimonos, hairstyle, make-ups, and other accessories
  • New castle’s decoration
  • Unlock hidden storylines as you play the game
  • Tips and tricks to make your favorite samurais falling in love with you
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