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For the fans of action/shooting games like Call Of Duty or Counter Strike, we knew RIVALS AT WAR will be on your list. Recruit your own elite team of combat soldiers and shooters who are ready for duty anytime and anywhere. Train your soldiers and upgrade your weapons for each four different combat scenarios with its own 3D battlefield and military missions.

Assemble your troop, choosing from six unique soldiers type such as: Commander, Sniper, Saw Gunner, Breacher, Radioman, and Medic, attack the enemy and watch epic head-to-head battles unfold. Select powerful tactics cards to tip each battle in your favor, conquer rival teams from around the world and power-up skill perks to enhance the accuracy, speed, damage, defense, and health abilities of our soldiers.RIVALS AT WARS also features team customization with different camouflage uniforms, headgear, and team badges.

To make you enjoy full experience of the game there are 45 achievements to complete that unlock more special rewards, you can also purchase team uniforms, weapons, and various cards skills by using bucks or coins. To get those bucks and coins you have to clear various missions or purchase the bucks and coins by using real money just like other free mobile games. we knew that almost every player don’t like to waste their time by play the game all day and even get small amounts of bucks/coins after playing the game for so long.

Luckily we have good news for you! Now, you can enjoy the full experience and playing RIVALS AT WAR for free! Because, we in the team has crack RIVALS AT WAR! All you need to do is use the RIVALS AT WAR BUCKS HACK GENERATOR, click the link below, fill it with your ID and how many bucks or coins you want.


  • Tons of Bucks you always wanted
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  • Free camouflage uniforms, and new headgear for your soldiers
  • Most powerful weapons and guns for your team to win the game
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