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The epic feeling of competing with your friends on RTS MMO games is now widespread among many games. You can choose many games and one of them is Revenge of Sultans. As the title suggest, your goal is to become powerful sultan and strengthen your kingdom against many threats. The graphic will bring you into Arabian dessert and environment. Conquer the world in Arabian style and claim your victory with your army.

To become one powerful sultan you need to level up and earn skill point to gain passive ability. By upgrading your building and completing quest, you will gain lord exp point. Aside from that you also have to upgrade your building, train your troops (archer, cavalry, etc), go wild into huge world of Arabian dessert and collect many resources, research for new technology to strengthen your kingdom. Don’t forget to form allies with your trusted friend and conquer the world!


If you get addictive in playing Revenge of Sultans, I’m sure you will, you might feel you want to be the mightiest sultan. Be on the top list. Beat many other players around the world and get the feeling of becoming the mightiest of the mightiest sultan out there.To become that you will need to spend grains, lumber and gold.

That three sources can upgrade your building to its maximum power, fortified your castle into iron wall, train your troops to be the strongest troop. And as you progress further the game require much much grains, lumber, and golds. It will take much of your time.

Now, you don’t need to spend much time to gain grains, lumber and gold to seize the kingdom and become the strongest. We present you our newest Revenge of Sultans Gold Hack Generator. Many hack generator out there might fools you into false account and some of them makes your account get banned. While our Revenge of Sultans Hack Generator is 100% safe it is also very easy to use. Just put the number and let our Revenge of Sultans Hack Generator do its job.

Some of its feature:

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited grains
  • Unlimited lumber
  • 100% safe
  • Work on all devices
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