Free King of Avalon : Dragon Warfare Gold Hack Generator (PREMIUM!)


A war is a war, and like a must be done! Have you ever wondered how it really felt to be in a war in a real war time? I think you are about to in King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare for it is the most anticipated real time MMO of 2016! Also, not to forget that the war is between dragons! How unique and dreadfully amusing! In this King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare you are expected to make friends while you chase out your victory of the war, it is a war but yet you can still make friends, contradictive yet addictive!

Do you know what equipment should you have in your baggage to win this war? If you are still confused or what-so-ever, we here have the answer for you, it is the KING OF AVALON: DRAGON WARFARE GOLDS HACK GENERATOR! A hack generator that is definitely going to help you out from your confusion and gain the best strategy for your dragon war!

King of Avalon Exclusive Gold Hack Generator

Instructions, dragon warriors:

  1. Click the link below or above
  2. Fill in your King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare’s ID
  3. Fill in the amount of golds you desire
  4. Follow the generator tutorial

The golds in the game is the official currency as it is used to do some dragon skills purchasing and map upgrading and yet so many more. Golds are essential in the game, no gold then you’re stuck and doomed in the game! Here are the amazing upsides of our hack generator, good luck and enjoy!


  • Unlimited golds
  • Unlock all features
  • Speed up all waiting process
  • And so many more!
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