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Link your own path victory as you play the highly addictive puzzle RPG Dungeon Link created by Gamevil, Inc. In Dungeon Link, player will discover the world of Kenterbury on the quest to defeat the menacing Demon King, the game allows the player to recruit new companionalong the way and train them to unlock their hidden powers.

The gameplay is simple yet challenging, the player will battle the monsters by linking matching colored tiles to unleash a devastating strike with simple touch-and-drag controls. Not only that, the player must choose the best strategies such as using hero’s special attack to gain the upper hand and use the elements to take advantage of the flow of battle .


To enhance the heroes and get awesome rewards the player have to participate in Boss Raids, or clear the special dungeons to get rare heroes, and by purchasing Gems, to get huge amount of Gems usually the player will spending a lot of time.

It’s very challenging to clear the dungeons or beat the boss, but if there’s an easier way to beat the game then why not use it? With that question in mind we gladly inform you that Dungeon Link has been cracked! Yes, we cracked this highly addictive game just for you,we will help you to be the most kickass gamer in the world by using Dungeon Link Gems Hack Generator.

All you have to do is click the link below, fill your ID and how many Gems you want, you can repeat it again and again!

Dungeon Link HACK GENERATOR features

  • Tons Gems you can get
  • Unlimited special attack
  • Play as the rare hidden heroes
  • Create your own ultimate team featuring strongest heroes in Kenterbury
  • Tons of special rewards
  • Cheats and strategies to clear all the dungeons and to beat the boss
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