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A different MOBA games by seven pirates called Ark of War will gives you experience the feeling of having huge ark that you can develop troops and armies on it. On the edge of massive population in the universe, you have to compete with others population and work together formed by an alliance of human and alien. You will construct a homebase in your huge ark and swarm it with weapon, armor,resources and many more to prepare yourself for battle.

Don’t forget to upgrade your arsenal gradually as it will become powerful for each upgrade / train. The world in Ark of War is also quite huge. You can roam around the world and make an assault if you meet another ark. There will be another real player arks if you happen to meet them. So far,Ark of War give you different approach on online strategic game.

As in many other strategic games, you need a lot of resources to upgrade your building and troops. In Ark of War there are couple of them like cash, electricity, gas, food, and gold. Some of them are earned through battle against other arks, some of them are earned through farming your resource building. Upgrading and training your arsenal also need lot of time. Sometime you will have to wait for hours and sometime it will change into days as your troops and building reach higher level. Gold can overcome that. Gold is premium currency in Ark of War and act as a special currency mean it can easily wipe out many problem. Here where Ark of War will cost you real money to get extra gold in the game.

Our team has already make Ark of War gold hack generator to help you if you don’t want to spend real money on getting gold. Simply enter any amount of gold you want and wait and relax as the gold that you enter on our Ark of War gold hack generator slide in. Enjoy playing Ark of War at ease and dominate other arks with unlimited resources.

Our Ark of War gold hack generator include:

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited gas
  • Unlimited resources!!
  • 100% free and safe
  • Regular update for every game update
  • Multi-device compatibility
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