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If you’re looking for high definition graphic and pleasing-to-the-eye game when you spend an hour on it the Evilbane: Rise of Ravens by netmarble might suit your taste. The game deliver smooth graphic with oriental asia environment that brings you into the hack and slash action RPG. The game start by choosing from one of three types of warrior. The tanker with massive attack and high HP, quick evasive agile character or just simple all-around statistic combatant. Mind your avatar carefully, because different types of warrior gives you different types of equipment.

Just like any MORPG, Evilbane: Rise of Ravens have similar gameplay and feature. You can proceed with the story of doing daily mission and repeating dungeon for grinding. There are hundreds of equipment to collect, you can fuse same equipment if they are already reaching its max level and get better statistic equipment. Guilds and PVP are also available. If you want to play MORPG with HD graphic, Evilbane: Rise of Ravens would give you that.

The main story is pretty straightforward you will fight a couple of enemies before fighting the main boss of each area. Finishing the area will net you experience points and gold to spend on the shop. Buy better gear, train your warrior and enhance your equipment is the point to keep fighting inEvilbane: Rise of Ravens. Better is, you can spend crystal to get extra fancy stuff that are limited to gold. Crystal is the premium currency in Evilbane: Rise of Ravens. You can get them if you got higher ranks on leaderboard tournament. They will rewards you with some but not many. If you want much more crystal then you have to buy it with your real money.

It is indeed with crystal you can get strong weapon, legendary armor and unique items. But spend your real money on that would be a waste. So we have this Evilbane: Rise of Ravens crystal hack generator to generate you unlimited money and crystal that you eagerly need. Just buy everything and beat all player to claim the highest victory on PVP and guild tournaments. Impress other with the armor and gear they always wants. Just use our Evilbane: Rise of Ravens crystal hack generator freely.

Our Evilbane: Rise of Ravens crystal hack generator features:

  • Unlimited crystal
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited friend points
  • 100% safe to use
  • No need to root or jailbreak
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