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Hop into mega-hit Anime RPG mobile device, Els : Evolution will give you new experience and play with many players around the world online! Featured with high definition 3D graphics, Els : Evolution has many level of dungeons with thousand waves of enemies you need to defeat! Gather all of your resources you get through your journey and upgrade your powers as you will get stronger to defeat stronger enemies. Don’t forget to complete the quests and collect many rewards.

From the start, choose your most suitable character that possess their own power and develop them to be yur favorite one. Hack and slash with your combo skills and combine new move from each skills you have learn.  Play against millions of players from around the world to claim the #1 spot as global warrior champion. Complete quests and personalize your character with hundreds of fashion items and jewellery!

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The currency of this game is diamond that rarely found in Els : Evolution. With Diamonds, you can unlock and buy almost everything in the game. Unfortunately you cannot unlock everything if you have limited diamonds. So you need to be careful when you have your diamonds and spend it wisely. Diamonds can’t generate easily. You need to pass a number of achievement that a little bit hard and you can get your diamonds from login bonuses, but only 1 diamond per day. It will need a lot of patience to gather that useful resource

Because of that, we will give you the link to get your shortcut to get the diamonds. ELS : EVOLUTION DIAMOND HACK GENERATOR was made for you that need a tons of diamonds. Upgrade your equipments and slash everything that stands in your path. This Generator contains :

  • Infinite diamond hack
  • Infinite potions
  • Allow you to enter cheat mode
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