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Dragon Vale Infinite Gems Hack Cheat Tool (1)

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Dragonvale is the latest game from Backflip Studios that is guaranteed to keep you entertained. Included in the category of Best New Online Game by GDC Award Nominee, this game has been widely played by tens of millions of gamers world.

When newly hatched dragons, something new begins. Take care, and breeded feed your dragon to be big, strong and smart. Dragonvale a dragon games are fun and full of clever strategy. Get Dragon Vale free now. And then play your beloved dragon because it all starts with an egg

Dragon Vale Infinite Gems Hack Cheat Tool (3)

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Attention! DragonVale can make you addicted to hatching and caring for a unique and fun dragon. DragonVale make you enjoy growing dragon, feed, building and decorating a dragon, and invite friends to see your adorable dragon island. You can also bring a friend to the couple in the nursery or for racing dragon in getting a nice gift.


  • Get dozens of unique and adorable dragon to play
  • There is a magical island that was built in the sky
  • Dress up your dragon with interesting and amusing costumes
  • Each dragon has a unique and nice gift opportunities
  • Decorate way to make the game more fun
  • Develop agricultural land where dragons grow bigger and more
  • Fully animated game cool and colorful visuals
  • Have original Renaissance music soundtrack
  • Powered by Facebook to connect with other friends with the opportunity presents trade

DragonVale is a latest games with higher quality with colorful art fun. Like Jurassic Park cool, DragonVale much more perfect. Carried by Backflip Studios, one of the professional mobile game makers of the world famous and perfect like Paper Toss, Ragdoll Blaster, Strike Knight, Army of Darkness, Shape Shift and Graffiti Ball.

Get and follow Backflip Studios, and find many applications for our fun and exciting updates for free games and other great updates.
DragonVale is free to play. And some of the items in DragonVale can be had by purchasing real money. You can use this to set the purchase apps in Google Play Store and use the password with the help center. To play DragonVale, need fast and good internet connection.

To be unique dragon habitat and scenery, you’ll need a lot of Gems. Gems can be purchased using real money. But the price is quite expensive, make your trouble. But we offer a new tool to get free Gems and more. Want to know how to get it? How to hack Gems in DragonVale? Get this great tool, called “Free DragonVale Gems Hack Tool Generator ‘, use this for DragonVale cheats unlimited Gems. This hack generator Also compatible for iOS and Android. With this generator, you have unlimited Gems and able to maintain your dragon better and faster. The secret tool for yourself to keep others compete with you.

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