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Hello brothers!

The production game KING release a new concept in a puzzle game! It different with the matches games before. In this game, Diamond Digger Saga is inviting you to how break the arranged diamond blocks. In the first game, you will play as Diggy. Diggy is a funny characters and a little bit odd that trying to save the fireflies who trapped inside the soil of arranged blocks. You have to break the diamonds block that spreaded inside the soil, so that the water can be moved down the soil and wet the fireflies trapped.

Break the trapped diamond inside the soil! On the gameboard, the diamond will be trapped inside the blocked soil with different depths.  Makes the water move down to the deepest block and escape your fireflies! Every mission in this game have its own difficulties. Indeed, it can not make you feel bored!

This Diamond Digger Saga Game Now Is In Your Hand!

Unfortunately, it might be so hard for you to get the best score and break the diamonds block in each challenge. You should have an amazing equipment that you need to collect. And to ease you game, you need to save currency. The currency known as Gold! Collect your gold with our FREE HACK GENERATOR!

With our DIAMONDS DIGGER SAGA GOLD HACK GENERATOR everything will be fun. You will get unlimited coins and enjoyable playing without worry to lose the game. The luckiest thing you find us is, you never ever wasting your money. We give it for you for free! Is it better for you to save your money for something more useful, right?. And now, brought to you, by our special IT team, we develop the safe, trusted, 100% works, and without any ads. ! You can get your rewards such as :

  • Unlimited Golds
  • Unlimited bonuses
  • Unlock the level
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