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A misfit, an outsider, a lonely wolf in the pack they say. So what do you do when you feel left out and you feel like the planet is being dominated by another race? You feel sick and then it turns to anger and it build up into a strategy to win over the planet and make your race as the dominant one! We feel you, and that is why we are here to help you with our DAWN OF STEEL INFLUENCE HACK GENERATOR! Keep your head up and keep chinning up until everyone is below, seeing you smile! Here are the instructions to our glorious hack generator!

Instructions, dear steel fighters:

  1. Click the link below
  2. Fill in your Dawn of Steel’s ID
  3. Fill in the amount of Influence you desire
  4. Follow the generator guide until end of the page
  5. Check your vault and get ready to dominate the planet with your race!

Dawn of Steel Online Influence Hack Generator Guide

The influences you are about to own better be traded for goof equipment and good equipment only for you are the fighter for the dominance of your race on this planet! The influences you are about to own is hard to find manually, you have to keep on playing throughout the game or pay with real life money which is sickening.

And since you have found us and you see what we are capable of giving you, we hope you spend your influences wisely as all your race would like to see you as! Anyways, below we reveal a few of what out hack generator contains, the rest is still a secret to be explored!


  • Unlimited influence
  • Unlock all weapons
  • Unlock all secret features
  • And so many more!
Did Dawn of Steel Unlimited Influence Hack Generator Work?

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