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COMBAT MONSTERS by Rubicon Development is a Card based action-strategy Role Playing Games, it’s sounds too much but it’s fun to play. If you’re familiar with a famous card games like Battle Chess, Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic: The Gathering then you might love this game.

In COMBAT MONSTERS you can collect over 2,600 powerful monsters, equipment, spells, runes, and other cards; pack your cards into exciting decks with virtually unlimited tactical styles, plan your strategy carefully and avoiding all the battlefield traps but securing the bonuses, move your pieces around the board to dominate and smash your enemies!

In COMBAT MONSTERS there are many different races each with their own special horde of warriors, mages, and archers. Each race has a racial bonus that has a big effect on how you round of your deck, so plan it well. You will control your selected race in a true RPG style with multiple choices of game modes such as single player campaign, and skirmish mode that adds infinite replayability. By winning matches, purchase using Rubicoins  and opening packs you will get more cards, you can also build different or better decks and then do it all again and again.

In COMBAT MONSTERS the longer you play the harder your enemies you will need better strategy with better card decks, to overcome that problem the fastest way to get cards is purchase better cards but if you low on Rubicoins you can’t purchase anything and you will keep losing. We in the team want you to become the real kickass player of COMBAT MONSTERS so we gladly informs you that COMBAT MONSTERS has been cracked! Now, you can get your powerful cards for free by using COMBAT MONSTERS RUBICOINS HACK GENERATOR! All you need to do is to click the link below, fill it with your ID and how many Rubicoins you want.


  • Tons of Rubicoins you always wanted
  • Rare cards unlocked
  • Powerful decks of ultimate warriors, archers, and mages for you to play
  • The ultimate strategy guide to win the game
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