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Ready for new games multiplayer? In FPS showdown, Blitz Brigade will determine the Axis or the Allies, win or lose, mayo or mustard. Find your place and play now !!!

In grade 5 is available, grab one and make the greatest strength. Advanced, skilled and badass in combat. Join with other online players for the team and destroy your enemy and make you the first …

Blitz Brigade Diamonds Hack Generator (3)

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Blitz Brigade is the latest FPS games that come with the new version. Team based FPS war. Multiplayer games are challenging and you are addicted. Now comes to Android class strong fighter game. Creating Beatdown online. Download and play now!


  • Available online 12 players fighting together in multiplayer mode
  • There are 5 classes: Medic, Sniper, Stealth, Gunner and Soldier
  • The dominance as controller mode in the great battlefield
  • Take the deathmatch game to destroy all of the opposing forces
  • Use the vehicle for fighting strategy that consists of three different types of vehicles and super strong
  • Use hundreds of weapons available to fight, every weapon there is a certain class
  • Each character has different strengths in the skill to kill
  • Create a smart strategy for action storming opponent by using Voice chat
  • Explore 120 missions available a unique and fun
  • Sharpen your skills in each class war to gain glory
  • Use the helicopter pilot and the rain from the top to the enemy death message
  • Use the tanks to roll up a strong enemy forces

To play free online games, Blitz Brigade is a war game that just makes getting crazy! Based shooter multiplayer, first-person shooter, a large army and for your true war game lovers.

Coming in a battlefield, prepare your strategy, advanced to war and enjoy every class

For maximum game, it is recommended to restart your device and do not use other applications during a game Blitz Brigade.

Certain applications require an update that allows you to buy using real money. And upgrading weapons and grade you will need Diamonds. Diamonds can be exchanged for real money. But the price Diamonds are not cheap. To your mind, we have an easier way. Want to know how? How to hack Diamonds in Blitz Brigade? use our newest special tool, called “Free Blitz Brigade Diamonds Hack Tool Generator , use this for Blitz Brigade cheats unlimited Diamonds. This hack generator Also compatible for iOS and Android. By using this generator, you can have a lot of Diamonds and free. This tool kept secret from others, to prevent them menyaingimu. Use this tool wisely because these tools are limited.

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