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BlazBlue Revolution Reburning or more known as BlazBlue RR is one hell of a real Action Game!

Battle on the fingertips, it abandoned the inhuman virtual buttons, and created a unique control mode which is the tap and slide kind of mode! Woohoo! All the moves will be performed with your fingertips, and give you a refreshing experience just like playing the arcade fighting game. All skills have no cool down time, you can achieve unlimited combos and so many more!

Another battle, another addiction. But with what can you keep up on the battle to fight the others? Of course it is the weapon, the upgraded skill and all. And to have all that, you will be needing tons and tons of diamonds which is the game currency.

Diamonds Hack Online Generator Now Is Already Updated!

To collect diamonds, one must experience the hardship of collecting diamonds! It is through playing throughout the game patiently as you see only small amount of diamonds is increasing and filling up your vault, this one gets under the skin pretty easily and it is sometimes the number one barriers between our game addiction and our quitting reason. Another way is to pay with real money to the creator of the game and have them supply you with some diamonds in the vault, that too isn’t a good idea!

There for, we are here to give you the BLAZBLUE RR DIAMONDS HACK GENERATOR! It’s just a click away for the happiness and to fulfill the addiction of the game you have! Sit back, relax and just enjoy the show! Happy playing, good luck and enjoy, fellas!


  • Free endless diamonds in your vault
  • Unlock secret moves
  • Unlock hidden skills
  • Speed up any lagging
  • Speed up any upgrades
  • And so many more, you have no idea!
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