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Battletime by Foggybus is an exciting game that offers you hundreds and hundreds of experiences in doing a great war with your clan that is unlike many other out there. Upgrade your characters’ skills, build your ultimate army to greater skills, fight massive battles and lead your clan to victory! Feel like a true general of a real army. Join the battle, capture enemies’ castles and raise the power of your army!

And so since you’re a fighter and a leader, we believe that you’d always fight to the way of victory with your clan in such harmony. You’re able to do this with collecting coins all the way through the game; either defeating your enemies (in which sometimes gets a little frustrating when the clan doesn’t work as a great team at a battle) or you can buy them from the developer’s page (with real money I mean, come on now, would you?).


However, the more the coins, the bigger the chance of being a great general. You can have tons of characters’ upgrade and battles unlocked. And now, we’d like to help you to become a great general by using our BATTLETIME COINS HACK GENERATOR, yay! With this you can always generate tons of free coins every day and continue the battle!

With your coins advantage, you can always get all you want in this game. There are many battles to play, tons of enemies to fight, and your kingdom to protect. And reach to the glory of your battles, and yes of course you need an incredible support of unlimited coins. That’s why we cracked this game for you fighters!


  • Tons of coins you can get for free every day
  • Unlock all characters
  • Speed up all waiting time
  • Unlock legendary weapons
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