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While the famous title of Clash of Clan will ring you a bell when you play Battle Alert: War of Tanks, it is indeed offering more real-life warzone and more feature to compete with Clash of Clan name. You start with basic layout and in-game tutorial to help you with the game. Your level define your base. The higher your level the more items, buildings, and troops will unlock in the game.

Of course you are not playing Sim City game. Battle Alert: War of Tanks is more complex than just build and upgrade some building. You have to carefully construct every placement of your building and hire troops to defence your base while you are away. Different tactic gives you different result in different base layout. Like every RTS games out there, you can attack other player and join guild.

To upgrade, hire, and built something, you need credits. Credits is in-game currency you will collect everytime with a tap on your credit-resource-building. Attacking other player base also give you credits. In a meantime you will notice some premium item in the shop. Battle Alert: War of Tanks bring Coins as its premium currency that can allow you to buy premium item, special event bundle, or speed up your building process. The problem is, Coins is hard to gain and to get more Coins, the easiest way is to buy them with real money.

Our Battle Alert: War of Tanks Coins hack generator can help you that. That premium vehicle surely, catch your attention. Go get them! Want a revenge on someone who wreck your base into a mess? Avenge them!

Getting tired of waiting hours and hours for your building or troops to complete? Wait no more! Our Battle Alert: War of Tanks Coins hack generator created by our special team can help you overcome that and give you as many Coins as you want.

What you get on our Battle Alert: War of Tanks Coins hack generator:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited credits
  • Unlock VIP features
  • Safe feature to protect you from the server
  • Compatible with all devices
  • No viruses. No malware
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